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JinzaSpace, Architecture for living 

‘jinza’ means real. We are searching for what is REAL SPACE.


– Made-up living and real living

Most of magazines about architecture and home interior are very far from real life and everything says “Desire! Consume!” in the end. And I don’t like it.


– Beginning from the town where we are now

When we learn architecture, we begin with western architecture. Korean history of architecture is still at the Chosun Dynasty. So, if there is a somewhat old town, it will be reconstructed to a very modern style or a very traditional Chosun style. When the western cultures were blooming themselves, we were busy at independence war and civil war, which made many things remained unorganized. If we begin research from our own town, clues may come up from here and there.


– A gap between architects and folks

Fast and cheap, that’s how most of houses and malls are built. And the house repair is done by that way, too. Hiring fancy architects is out of consideration. In the light of cost and time, they are no match for handymen. After repeated repairs done by those unprofessional and experience-based, the house become out of architect’s hand. Because it needs too much hands. (Sweetness of low price easily be gone, bitterness of low quality lasts long. – Hafele retail shop) How can we fill up the gap between architects who jump on the bandwagon and common people?


– The right of housing : Nice food, nice cloth, why not nice house!

Housing seems to be the most difficult one among the necessities of life. Though someone says romantic word ‘nomadism’, there are plenty of people who are troubled with wandering life or a mortgage. It’s so pathetic for young people to have a tiny house only for sleeping. People who have family and suffers for getting a house or for a mortgage are miserable, too. Though that I’m also one of those house-poors makes me hesitate to mention about ‘the stable housing’, I suggest not to lose the firm grasp on your sweet house as ‘my territory’ even if you live there for a moment. Like we enjoy nice food and nice cloth, let’s enjoy nice house.


About the housing policies, I should study more before arguing on them. My opinion is that the Earth is a public property for every living things on the Earth. The human being’s exclusive occupation is not agreeable. While they are not using the whole land, drawing some line on the ground and saying “Do not cross” is not understandable.


This space is just started. Something should be added and something should be subtracted, and so it will grow to good one, I hope. Your straightforward advices will be always welcomed.


한국어 ㅣ English


email  jinzaspace@gmail.com

Korean site  http://www.jinzaspace.com

English site  https://jinzaspace.wordpress.com



#Local Design, #Informal Architecture

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