Stall restaurants, from warm one to hot one.@Itaewon

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Walking from Hangangjin station to Itaewon station, you can witness diverse variations of stall restaurants which can be even called “the evolution of stall”. I dropped by one of them for a quick bite with udong(noodle soup) on the way home, and began to look through the small kitchen which caught my eyes.


The space is formed by two tents and a roadside tree. Two tents have roof, and there is also in-between space with screen fence but no roof. If tents were three, it would be too large. And there would be possible discord with neighbors as the stall covers too much space.

 Kitchen tools are hanging on the plywood wall standing against tent poles and the tree. So the small kitchen is established.

Strong square bars / Common plastic folding table which you can see in front of convenient stores / three-pieces foldable / upper refrigerator seat / wooden bench common at stall restaurants / piled up boxes for height adjustment
The table is three-pieces foldable, and supported by another plastic folding table and wooden benches. All components are common at stall restaurants. (I need better drawing skill. It would be convenient for visual explanation…)
Shop master says that it takes about one hour to set up everything.

Shop master’s humor. A heart with arrow, smile face, the moon and clouds.


This cart-type stall is most common. It’s the ground why I took this picture!

Subtle highlighting effect with tarpaulin sheet on the sidewalk. What a brilliant guy.


Next one is truck-type, remodeled one of 1-ton truck. There are a lot of foreign residents in this street, and they sell their own nation’s food.

Van type.

Young fashioned bar-style interior.

Wing-body truck type.

Mirror ball and even LED lights. Music and people. Can you see those illuminations on the ground? It feels like an open-air dance club. I hardly managed to take pictures because of too much people.
The confines between designers and common people are vague in these days. Designer’s weird but useless design often ends up with mere show making all the time and efforts in vain, and more often people endure inconvenience only because it is some designer’s work. It’s exhausting to put too much meanings on those things with this and that excuses.
Maybe that’s why a meaning-free and frank life is more attractive. Some people struggle for their everyday living, some just enjoy, or some do both. Among those pictures, we can find a lot of lessons. Vivid life with no greasy things, shall be sought.
한국어 ㅣ English

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